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Pulse247 Oy is e-commerce focused software company. We help our clients start selling online with the MyCashflow ecommerce platform and increase their online sales thru consulting services.


MyCashflow eCommerce platform

MyCashflow is the leading SaaS e-commerce platform in Finland. Our service includes everything you need to start and grow a successful online business.

  • easy to use control panel
  • all the most popular payment methods
  • integrations for logistics companies
  • comprehensive manual and guides
  • expert customer support

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Trusted by over 2000 companies

We do your best to make almost 10 000 people happy, every day. And, according to our customers, we are doing a pretty good job. Today, almost 20 % of all the webstores in Finland, use our services to smoothly run their businesses online.

Featured partners


Ismo Ruotsalainen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Partner
+35820 741 9174
Miska Närhi
Chief Product Officer (CPO), Partner
+35820 741 9173
Pekka Juntunen
Chief Business Officer (CBO), Partner
+35820 741 9171
Petri Itkonen
Sales Director
Joonas Tikkanen
Sales Manager
+35820 741 7672
Eveliina Heikura
Customer Success Manager
Antti Väätäinen
Customer Support Specialist
+35820 741 9170
Milla Koskelo
Customer Support Specialist
Jenni Pikkarainen
Customer Support Specialist
Kari Huovinen
Technical Support Specialist
Risto Kurimus
Customer Support, Google Ads Specialist
Tomi Heikkinen
Marketing Manager
+35820 741 9175
Susanna Parri
Marketing Specialist
Tino Kraft
Technical Writer
Patrycja Dittmann-Wałach
Technical Writer | Translation Specialist
Ville Kervinen
Lead Product Developer, Architecture
+35820 741 9178
Jukka Koskinen
Lead Product Developer, User Experience
Timo Korhonen
Lead Product Developer, Infrastructure
+35820 741 7670
Teemu Kuronen
Product Developer
Ilkka Vänskä
Product Developer
Miko Kullberg
Product Developer
Juho Pelkonen
Product Developer
Joel Holmi
Junior Product Developer
Jani Korhonen
Product Designer
Heikki Tenhunen
eCommerce Project Manager
+35820 741 9177
Matti Laakso
eCommerce Designer
Jaakko Tiihonen
Junior eCommerce Designer

Call prices 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min (VAT 24 % incl.)

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87700 Kajaani

Address 003721315706
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Pulse247 Oy
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Sustainable Growth and Jobs Programme Beneficiary

Pulse247 Oy has been granted funding via the Programme for Sustainable Growth and Jobs. The goal of the funded project is to research and plan investments that promote combining brick and mortars with e-commerce.